• The Pampered Keto

New Year, New Adventures!

Happy 2020!!!

If you are anything like us, every new year brings with it a desire to do better, be

better, experience new/better...for ourselves and those around us. What better

time to launch our new business and blog site, The Pampered Keto!!!

A couple of months ago, Brian and I embarked on some research into eating a more

Keto-based diet. Our research helped us discover the many health benefits a keto

diet can provide and we started filling our pantry and fridge with keto-friendly fare.

We also began attempting our first keto recipes. At the same time we were learning

how to “keto”, a friend of ours introduced us to her Pampered Chef products and

business and we were hooked from the get-go! One afternoon in the middle of all

this exploration, Brian exclaims, “Why don’t we join forces, keto and Pampered

Chef, and create a forum where we can share our findings with others!!” Enter in

2020 and here we are!!!

Welcome to The Pampered Keto!!! We are proud Pampered Chef Independent

Consultants and new converts to all that is Keto! We hope you’ll enjoy our site as

we strive to share our journey into new and delicious keto recipes, and the

Pampered Chef cooking tools, tips and tricks that will make healthier cooking easier

and fun!

Bon Apetit!!!

- The Pampered Keto


Interested in being pampered? We'd love to hear from you!

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