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Nothing says Keto like BACON!!!

Nothing says Keto like BACON!!!

If you love bacon as much as our family loves bacon, then you’ll be pleased to know that this

delicious meat can be one of your keto lifestyle staples. We keep at least 3 pounds of uncured

bacon in our fridge at all

times. (Cured works also but is full of ingredients like sodium nitrites

that you may choose to avoid.) Bacon is rich in fat...and a high fat intake is what makes


Now that you understand just how much we love bacon...(Did we mention how much we love

BACON??)...We’d like to share with you our most favorite Pampered Chef tool ever!!! Check

out the PC Nonstick Double Burner Grill!!! This thing evenly cooks a pound of bacon in 8

minutes start to finish right on your stovetop. Less mess...dishwasher safe...and quick as can

be. Don’t like bacon? Try grilling 2 steaks and a pound of asparagus. Or you can do fajita meat

and veggies for a quick and healthy keto-friendly meal. Add a sliced avocado on top of

whatever you’re making to add that extra fat and you’re on your way!!

Gotta finish up this post...I smell another pound of bacon sizzling on our Pampered Chef Grill

and I’ve got to grab a slice before my better half eats it all!!!


-The Pampered Ketos


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