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Slow Cooker Zucchini Soup

One more month of winter to go! That means one more month to enjoy preparing and serving

up delicious hot soups to help take the chill off those long Winter days and nights.

Today we’ve got a double batch of keto friendly zucchini soup slow cooking in our Pampered

Chef Quick Cooker. The Quick Cooker is Pampered Chef’s version of that intimidating Instant

Pot you received for Christmas but never took out of its box. And it also has a Slow Cook

setting and can be used to replace your outdated Crock Pot. We love ours and have found it

much easier to use than the intimidating Instant Pot that we did try using for a short period of


It’s hard to over-eat spinach, zucchini, lettuce, asparagus and kale on a keto diet. These all can

be considered keto vegetables because of their low carb count. Tomatoes are also relatively

low in carbs and can be eaten in moderation while eating keto. Today’s recipe calls for zucchini,

canned diced tomatoes and lots of delicious sweet Italian sausage. A winning keto combination

for sure. Click here for a full copy of the recipe I used:



In an effort to make this delicious recipe as keto friendly as possible, choose canned diced

tomatoes that are organic and have no added sugar. Hunts makes a keto friendly batch! I also

omitted the white sugar. This flavorful soup stands on its own without the use of that keto no-


Time to check and see how dinner is coming along!

Until next time!!!

-The Pampered Ketos


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